The Final Goodbye

I have been absent lately, due to my final flights to see my mother. I have also had to part ways with my brother, he has his own path to follow.

My most recent trips

Flying in the area is ok in the summer, packing-wise. I keep my medication and my icecaps with me, and I have tried TheraSpecs. It was a rough, but better, trip.

The airlines were ok, but having problems with migraines and the only thing that helped me was the hotel room that was provided by the airline company.

Caring for my mother...

When I was up in the summer she was in the house and I did everything I could to get weight on her, but it made long hours and no time for my pain. I would slip away when the left side of my face was numb and tingling, medication, and the icecaps as long as possible. I was also hit by a possible cancer located in the kidney. So, unfortunately, I had to return home for the removal of the cancer.

My next trip was horrible. Airlines were still having problems and I told them I had to get to my destination as soon as possible. I was able to fly in the next day. My cousin had made time for mom, and she took me to the hospital as soon as I dropped my luggage off.

...while also caring for myself

I go through this time after time to get the whole thing digested. My brother was supposed to be her caretaker, but he had other things that were more important to him to do. No one really understood that I have migraines almost daily and the drain on my body

I spent the last 3 days of her life with her. I had to dive back into the house for the medications that I take daily and the Fioricet. The neurologist won't put me on preventative medication because of my high blood pressure history. I am going to have to call him soon and ask for something to help. I do not want to be on pain medication, but they need to do something.

The final goodbye

I was with her when she passed. I begged God to take her home, as I changed her washcloths out for cool ones. Now I have no particular religion, but I see the power of prayers, and she was finally reunited with her love and sisters, her mom and dad, and others who have passed.

I spent the next 49 days trying to get everything done and the house cleaned out. I endured the whole thing to help my brother. He is going to be in for a long time before he hears from me, but I am crying now and I've got another migraine on its way I have got to go...

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