My First Migraine Attack

My first attack of migraine with aura occurred very recently, one month ago. Just like this, out of the blue. I've had some headaches in my life, they occurred from time to time, rarely. Pain used to be mild, nothing special. Now I can already count three attacks of migraine with aura within duration of one month.

First attack came when I was at work. Suddenly something happened to my eyes. I couldn't see normally, I felt like I was blinded by camera flash. Vision was partially dim. I work on a computer so I just felt I'm tired. I went to the toilet and closed my eyes trying to calm myself down..and then with the eyes closed I saw something like white or silver zigzag. It was pulsating. I thought maybe my eyes are tired but it didn't stop. The more it lasted the more anxious I felt. When I walked back to my office I felt like in a fog, confused. Vision was wobbling, right side vision of my right eye became blank. Not dark, but kind of disappeared. I started panicking.

My colleague took me to the nearest medical facility. They did basic tests. Then I made specialistic ones. Finally after some time I have been diagnosed with migraine. Since that terrible day two more attacks occurred. It's easier to stay calm when you already know that you are not going to die or to be blind because of the attacks, but these disorders frustrates me. I know that people around me are very thoughtful, but I am afraid they can't fully understand what I feel... It's not only the fact that during the attack I am unable to work, but there is also the whole range of postdrome symptoms that make me less efficient. After the attack I am so exhausted, slower, it's hard to concentrate, hard to be myself for some time.

I feel happy that I can share my story with you...

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