Frustrated and want this to end

It has now been eight weeks, still with what I was diagnosed with: spinal migraine.

Simply it hurts have to live it.

Common Triggers  
Weather Changes
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When as its worse I see diamonds in light, wired thoughts that lead to confusion head feels like I hit cement, my neck feels like it being torn off and pain in occiput area.

I go to chiropractor. Going on 5 visits for relief. Take only Advil and Ketorolac for relief when too much to function everyday. I feel like I am going crazy and don't want to feel this way. I don't want to depend on medication. Will it go away. I am not on insurance so have a huge ER visit bill to pay off. More stress more headaches. All in my head. Ha Ha.

Referred to follow up with neurologist but not an option with no insurance.

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