Hemiplegic migraine aura

Hemiplegic migraine since age 11 now 42 my migraine are so severe I cant see one side if my body goes numb my hands as also can’t speak aura and really bad head pain as I’ve as ages they seem to get worse I’m having at least 7 a month I take Sumatriptan I’ve had MRI scan last month but all looks ok but MRI shows stroke signs so waste of time really I’m unable to work I have fibro to not worked for a long time hate it can not do anything i tried to claim pip and got refused did not have the energy to appeal it but should of as the doctor I seen totally lied as to what my answers was he wrote what he wanted what was the opposite to my answers I feel for anyone who suffers as i do hm rules your life only people who have hemiplegic migraine so aggresive will understand me not people who sit there saying I’ve got a migraine because if you did you would not be sat there saying so you would be lay in dark after taken your meds quiet in survive pain unable to see unable to talk or move until ur sight comes back and your body is back then you have that head pain and got groggy feeling that last days.

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