New To Hemiplegic Migraine: Any Advice Is Welcome!

Hello everyone. Recently I was hospitalized for mini strokes. By time 5, I was finally diagnosed with hemiplegic migraines. It's terrifying. I was told I am having severe ones as the first 4 weeks it was all right sided, then it became my entire body going numb.

The attacks come and go and I have them almost daily. I went two weeks without them. No family history and they are saying it is because of the covid vaccine.

Worried about migraine severity

I'm terrified. I'm feeling hopeless. I've had all sorts of reactions to topamax, gabapentin, even the migraine cocktails. I am super sensitive to medications and always am the one in a million who gets the scary side effects. I never in my life had a migraine like this.

I had attacks 6 days in a row and the numbness was just finally wearing off and then it started all over again.

Seeking help and support for migraine relief

Does anyone have any advice, recommendations, or meds that helps them? I've been looking for support groups and researching everything I can. For 5 weeks this has been a constant thing and each time it lasts for about a week or longer. Does anyone else experience them for this long?

Thank you so much!

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