My Body Has Been Hijacked!

Hi, I'm new here. This is my story. I had dizziness for a few nights last month (June 7th) when I turned over on my left side, waking me up. At work, I began to get fatigued, extreme sweating, chest pains, confusion. and my blood pressure jumped very high.

I was sent to the E.R.

I ended going to my doctor and was sent to E.R. was there for 9 hours while they ran tests on me. I was informed they found an old stroke. And after all of this, I was wheeled outside by a nurse and parked and left alone to wait on my husband to get the vehicle and pick me up. I felt so alone, terrified, and very confused. I have cleaned out my bank account going to see all the doctors, specialists, etc. just to be told it is all im my head or different diagnosis. My condition has only gotten worse. My neurologist says it is chronic & complicated migraines causing all of this and started me on a new medicine last month. I've lost my job that I loved, I can't leave my home cause I shake so bad I can't hardly walk. I am unable to use my left side. How did I go from working a full-time job as a health care worker to being unable to even dress myself?

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