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Hopeless and Desperate!

I am a 42 year old woman who was diagnosed Migraine with aura at age 13. I first experiece an extreme sensetivity to light, sound and smells.

Very soon after I begin to see flashing lights, zig zag lines and blind spots, at the same I begin getting numbness in my fingers usually on one side only, and my arm going up to my face and sometimes down to my foot. With the more servere migraines I am completely numb on one side from my head to my toes, when this happens I am completely unable to speak or do anything other than lay in a dark room and wait for these symtoms to subside and then the extreme pain usually in one spot on the top right side of my head. (I compare the pain to someone jamming a large metal spike in my skull and leaving it there.) Sometimes these migraines last a few hours sometime a few days.

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I have spent my life in and out of ER's and different neurologists, cat scans, MRI's and many many medications none of which have worked.

Since turning 40 I have been getting a migraine just about everyday. I lost my job, because I can no longer function or accomplish what is require of me on a daily basis but also can not even accomplish daily chores or activities in the home.

My neurologist tells me, I am the rare 5% of the migraine population who suffer such servere symtoms. I'm told that the last option will be botox shots.

I applied for disability over a year ago and have been denied, I'm appealing but am told it will take a year to get a hearing date. I am litterally completely dibilitated and feeling so hopeless because nothing is working and I can't function in daily life with these horrifiying migraines.

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