Insomnia during my Migraine episode.

Hi there,

(Pre post script, this turned into a you'll find out if you're a saint enough to read that far, I couldn't sleep.)

To whoever answers this, thanks for being here. So I'm having a migraine again. I know what triggered it (2 intentional late nights in a week, abnormal eating habits, increased exercise, weather.) I took my naproxyn when I felt vasoconstriction, took Relpax 15 minutes after. Nada. My hands got warmer for a bit, but it didn't last.

Annd, insomnia joined the party. I can't be the only one who has insomnia during a migraine, right? And not, I can't stay asleep...I DON'T EVEN FEEL SLEEPY. Like, I have Narcolepsy...I ALWAYS feel sleepy. But not during a migraine. During one, my brain is anti-sleep. My skin is tingly. If I lay down with the lights off, I see lights and colors move with my eyes open or closed...I hear everything...the frogs outside are loud tonight, and I'm pretty sure the kitchen faucet downstairs is dripping.

The blankets are heavy, and I'm not even cold. I'll put socks on. Too tight. Too cold. I don't even know where I left my winter gloves.

Still not sleeping. Still not sleepy. I took what my doctor prescribed, but I just feel dizzy. I should bring that up when I see her. If I remember to write that down.

Does my tongue taste funny? Mints hurt right was probably the coconut water. I need to use the bathroom but I'm supposed to be trying to sleep. My knee hurts.

Ah I really need to pee. Maybe walking will make my knee hurt less.

It didnt. And I forgot I already put a baby gate at the top of the stairs so I wouldn't fall down them, and the big blurry white square scared me, and I almost fell down them. Not helping.

Oh look. My hands are doing that weird lacey skin thing that has something to do with blood vessels...and sounds like a Harry potter spell. I should mention that to my doctor when I see her.

I'm not sleepy. Maybe I'll just try to color a picture to relax (I'm not stressed, I don't think, just dizzy. And my joints hurt. Mt hands are cold. My skin looks weird, and I can't see the coloring book without my glasses. Is this a nat geo? Yes, this is. I'm going to reorganize this shelf later, if I remember.)

I'm still not sleepy. But my picture is colored, I think. If it's really bad I can say my nephew helped. He's a kid, everything he does is cute.

OR I could frame it. "Colored March 20th during a migraine when I was NOT sleepy."

I know my doctor is going to suggest ways to help my sleep. She is a sleep specialist, after all. Maybe new meds. Lying there doesn't help. Coloring was an adventure. But, I'm just not sleepy.

Dizzy, can't see, poor judgment, memory loss, cold hands and feet, fast heart rate, dry mouth, and random ear ringing and hearing loss on and off...but not sleepy.

If you made it this far, thanks. I don't remember what I was here to ask, but at least I wrote down everything in my head so I know my thoughts are not keeping me up.

My Migraine is.

-(Not SleepyBri)

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