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It took having seizures to let my circle of friends understand better what a migraine can do. Mine get so bad they trigger blackouts (seizures). I didn’t understand this for a few years. Since I have had a broken wrist, fractured my face and still waiting to see the ear nose & throat doctor (ENT) for the nose. My boyfriend now understands since I couldn’t move fast enough to puke. I threw up on him. I have had them so bad I’ve been on the ambulance to ER. Aimovig took me on. What a life-changer. My insurance won’t pay for it because I get Botox injections, they work great for face, ocular pain. I won’t give them up I need to see. I call it brain pain people understand that phrase.

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I also just tell people when in public I have a horrible sinus headache since most everyone has had that, less judgmental. I take Fioricet daily. Been in therapy she had me draw a migraine kinda helped. My last bad one caused a seizure 2 days in a row. Ended up in the ER because the 2nd day I bashed my head into the wall and kept blacking out. Tomorrow I see Neurologist where I will ask for Aimovig sample, get my Botox shots ( regular thing) and I will get Toradol shot, because I puke up most anti-inflammatory pills. The sad part for me is praying just to sleep 4 hours in a row. Tomorrow night after shots an meds will be heavenly I will sleep like a baby. After the holidays I will start all paperwork begging for Aimovig because some of us have to have multiple attacks to fight the migraine. To the kids just now joining brain pain group—-fight a fire neurologist till you find one who you can work with. No your not alone. Yes, it’s real. We each have our own routine to deal with. And get blackout curtains, a colder room helps. Ice pack on the back of the neck gives a small window to get your meds down. And through the depression find a happy place in your mind. It’s ok to cry. Thank you for listening ❤️😂

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