Jawbone Infection

I have been treated for migraine for several years. Most recently I have had attacks lasting for weeks at a time. Y'all have even tried to help me through them.

My recent dental visit

A few weeks ago I went to my regular dental cleaning and expressed concern about a tooth that was bothering me. They determined it needed to come out and have a bone graft, then in 4 months, I will get an implant.

Last Thursday was surgery day (thank goodness for sedation dentistry). As soon as they moved that tooth, the bone exploded with infection. The dentist said it took him about an hour to get all the infection out of my jawbone.

Not a migraine

Post-surgery, one week to today, I have had no headaches at all! A severe jawbone infection, that was at the point it was going to be making me very sick, has been causing my attacks. No wonder the Botox and everything else I tried wasn't working. I'm not having migraines, my jawbone was severely infected. Imagine that!!!

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