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Bother Me No More

It’s okay for one to not digest my 2 dozen symptoms as a cause for the limitations in my life. It’s not easy to do so. One may somehow digest a lot of junk food but not the fact that an individual can have so many symptoms and no physical signs of them for example loss of limbs. By physical signs, they usually look for deformity and not behaviours where restlessness, jerking, speechlessness, shielding eyes with sunglasses at home, and shielding ears with ear plugs are involved. I am supposed to not have such signs which, according to my well-wishers should be managed by an adult like me because it’s improper for a mature person to behave this way. I am told that I am weak like a child.

Navigating migraine and judgment from others

I say it’s okay for people to not digest my 2 dozen symptoms, as they sound incredible indeed. But it doesn’t give them the right to say whatever they feel like. Some brave souls say mean and insensitive things in front of me while others do so behind my back. It’s their call. They may have the right to do so. I also have the right to not tolerate such things. I also find their behaviour hard to digest. Once in a while, someone may say something mean about my illness which is okay to an extent. But repeating it all the time by close to 90% of the people around me is definitely not something that I should digest. If someone says they can digest it, I will not believe them. The people who keep telling me to tolerate others and ignore them are the same people who are unable to follow their own advice.

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No longer listening to those who discount my symptoms

That’s why I say bother me no more. I don’t want to live a life where I am always told that I am a liar, a cheat, a couch potato, and an irresponsible person who has betrayed his well-wishers by not listening to them. The funny thing is that the children of these well-wishers don’t listen to them as well. Oh, yes, that’s hilarious. Let me help you understand. For example, I am always told by 95% of my well-wishers that my diet is wrong and then I see their children having junk throughout the day which makes me wonder if they are trying to unload their insecurities of their children’s actions.

Now, I guess it is clear why I say bother me no more. If you wish to waste my time telling me that my illness is a sham, please bother me no more. I have to write a lot of books. I can’t lose time on things that don’t make sense. This is why I say bother me no more.

Coping with migraine and judgment

Furthermore, I struggle with everything I do, even the simplest of things. It is frustrating sometimes which makes sense since I wish to do easy things well. If I have trouble doing something that I am doing for the thousandth time, frustration will set in sometimes. On top of this, if you tell me that I am speaking nonsense, I don’t know what to say to you. You are the one who keeps asking WHY for everything I do. When I give the reason, you shoot it down as if I were a zombie coming for your brain. This is why I say bother me no more. I love to write. It’s therapeutic for me. It’s the cheapest therapy out there. Let me write. Don’t tell me I am giving excuses to write. Given how difficult writing is, how can I give the excuse of being ill to do something quite difficult and not making me any money (at least till now)?

If it’s not possible for you to digest the outcomes of my symptoms, please bother me no more. I will try to not bother you as well by keeping my distance from you as you are clearly not okay with something ‘not okay’ in me.

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