I just want my life back!

About 3 weeks ago got my first migraine. My vision changed, hand went numb, and got confused. Also got a killer headache. I went right to the doctors and have been in the ER 3 times due to my symptoms being so extreme and stroke like. All the tests are negative like mri and cat scan. I feel like I am having a stroke each day. I have a migraine which they diagnosed me with.

I cannot function some days or take care of my 9 month old daughter when my wife is at work. I have been missing work not being able to function. It is horrible and I just want my life back and be able to function especially watching my daughter. It kills me inside feeling I can be a parent due to this affliction. I am finishing up the depakote and will be starting topamax soon. I also have rescue meds isotherm.

Any advice for me on how to cope and if this will get better. I would not wish what I have on my worse enemy it's horrible. Thank you in advance

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