You Liar!

I have had migraines for my entire life. I am 34 now and remember having them as far back as 7 yrs old. I am brand new to this forum and one of the first questions I read was the one about describing your migraine triggers in one word. After reading it, I felt my eyes tearing up (but my brain said "don't cry or you'll get a headache!).

The only answer I could come up with that was totally inclusive was "life." I have a headache at least once a week. Some are mild and just the everyday throb or the quick, shooting headache like when i stand up. And some are the debilitating ones where I throw up a lot and cry myself to sleep. That has always been the required cure = medicine, a wet cloth on my head in a dark room with a pillow clutched firmly on my head and sleeping.

I really don't know what it's like for other people to live without feeling this type of hurt. I remember telling my husband on several occasions that I must have a tumor in my head because it can't be natural to hurt all the time. And - the kinds of migraines? I never really understood that question when it was on the patient forms - I could check every box!! Cluster headaches - yes, migraines - yes, migraines with nausea/vomiting - yes, migraines with auras - yes, etc... I've just had to learn to live with them being a part of my life. Thank goodness I have a very supportive family. They really do understand the pain I am in and try to leave mommy alone so she can get better. My husbands great at taking care of things while I'm sick.

Sometimes I just emotionally feel so bad that they have had to make changes to accommodate my headaches also. If we plan a family trip, like to a theme park, I know that I'm going to get a headache (stress, heat, riding rides) so we now get a hotel on site so I can go back to the room as needed. I hate it that I get headaches during fun family times. I have even lied before when asked whether I had a headache or not. Because of course I do. Don't I always?? But it seems my family members , esp. my mom, can tell when I'm lying. I am much happier now though because I am taking a daily med that has reduced the headache frequency. I still get migraines but I have noticed the time between them has increased.

So, have you ever lied when asked "What's wrong? Does your head hurt again?!?!

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