Lifelong Illness

I stumbled on this site and thought I'd post my life with this illness and see if anyone else has the same experience as I've had/have. I believe I've been suffering with my "dizzy spells" since birth. As long as I can remember at least, pre-school thru 58 years. My mother would mark on the calendar because I was so frequent. As I grew older it became farther apart to almost completely ending. But then in 2002 they began coming back to almost how it was when I was a child. I've never officially been told this is a migraine, but symptoms are so similar. As a child I was taken to our local hospital and had so many tests. I even went with my throw-up pail while sick, but they couldn't find anything to cause it.

My history:

Childhood: I always woke up with them around 3 am, give or take (still do). Dizziness so bad I would throw up. I would yell to my mother to say I was sick, but if she turned on the light, I couldn't open my eyes it was so bright, which would make me even dizzier. The first day was throwing up all day. Dry heaves. I couldn't walk because of the dizziness. Day two. No throwing up, just dizzy. Actually the dizziness was worse. But I was able to control it better. I would have to move real slow. It would last about a week. Then I'd wake up and it was like it never happened. Until 6 weeks later and BAM! Repeat. Then as I grew the episodes grew longer apart. By the time I was a young adult, it was 16 weeks. I moved away from home and I didn't track them. They got less and less then in about 2002 they started to return. I'm sick now for 1/2 day, for 2 days in a row. The nausea is returning. I do notice now that odors are magnified. I can't watch TV until I begin to feel better. No medicines have ever worked. Oh and I don't have pain with this, just dizziness. Light bothers me, sounds, smells, movement. Just the thought of getting up to go to the restroom, kitchen, anywhere, will cause my dizziness to get worse, hence, throwing up.

I hope this makes sense. I'm really hoping there is someone out there who has similar history. I recently tried Imitrex but that doesn't do anything either (works great for a regular pounding headache, but not my illness.

Thanks for listening

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