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Lifetime Migraine

I remember being in Second grade and feeling my head hurting. I was thinking, the lights in the classroom were hurting my head. That was my first significant migraine. Growing up I had these episodes of migrane off and on.

I was never treated for the condition until I was 22 years of age. At that point, I was hit from the rear of my car. My head slammed into the windsheild. It didn't break, but I did. My Migraines got singificantly worse. I had a few more differnt types of accidents over the years which agravated my migraine condition. The worst was going down for a crash landing in a jet. I'm now clasified as disabled. My migranes are semi-controled due to the fine care I've recivied from Doctor's who really wanted to improve my daily occuring condition. I use Imitrex, wear a pain patch and take a few other meds designed to control my migraines.

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At one time, I was sent to the Universty of Massacuttes Stress Reduction and Relaxation program. Attending those classes and really working the program gave me some power over my condition. I could mindfully take myself out of the situation causing my migraine. I re-aranged my life to create peace and calm around me. Learning to meditate was something I could do to partly control these migraine outbreaks. I've not found a 100% cure and at this stage of life, I doubt that I ever do. My Migraines start at the base of my head/back of my neck area, They spread around to my forehead and tigten like a vice grip. My eyes become very senistive to light, my ears tune into every sound and amplify the noise. My arms go weak, I can't stand bright colors during the migrane time even though I like bright colors. I began to shut down my entire body while my head is unbelivably painful.

However, I can change the course of my migraines through Meditation and daily yoga combined with modern medicine. Because of this combination, I do feel like I'm in the drivers seat instead of the migraine, that is at least sometimes.

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