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Light at the end of the tunnel?

Since I found this site, it has been the source of so much comfort for me. Knowing finally that I am not alone, that I am worth loving and being taken care of even when I cannot be the caretaker (from reading about those that tell YOU the same, in words or deeds).

So you are one of the groups I most want to share my current adventure with. You see, I had surgery last week. The surgeon did a greater occipital nerve release bilaterally. He cut away some of the tissue putting pressure on the nerve, but did not be damage the nerve itself.

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It is early yet- I still have 15 staples in my head and occasional breakthrough bleeding- but I also had 3 days without a migraine last week!
We may well end up doing another round to release the lesser occipital nerves and/or the temple areas, but my initial impression is that this may well have worked!

I know how hopeless the unending agony can be. I have teetered at the brink far too often, for far too long. I had nothing except the oblivion of narcotics to assist- my migraine is intractable and essentially untreatable. Triptans, ergotamines, acupuncture, massagebiofeedback- the list of failures is huge.

But maybe, just maybe, there is now something in the "win" column. And a big one- 30% or so of patients undergoing this procedure have complete resolution of symptoms and still are migraine free or very close 5 years later.

Thank you for being there for me when I needed to know I am not alone not a mistake. Your stories and hope pulled out me through. I hope this give hope to someone out there, and allows me to return the favor!

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