Listening To My Body

I was always told to wear shoes to keep my feet in good condition, I listened to my well-wishers and wore shoes whether they fit my big feet or not. In the process, I always had foot aches. I never got a pair of shoes my size. For the first 22 years of my life, I wore tight shoes giving me hell in return for wearing them for hours each day. When I started wearing sports shoes from Adidas, Reebok and Nike, the shoes never fit properly.

My feet are a bit different in size (11 and 11.5 US size on left and right feet) which made me go for US 12 size shoes. The shoes were always big now instead of small. I had aches in the balls of my feet and somehow my feet were met with several sprains throughout the year.

Learning to listen to my body

I listened to my well-wishers and opted for shoes every time I stepped out of home. This is how brainwashed I was on the importance of shoes in life. Even if it hurt bad all the time. Imagine this happening all my life for three decades.

Recently, I started wearing flip-flops a lot since March 2023 whenever I stepped out of my home. I found my foot aches disappeared. Starting from April 2023, I had no foot aches. This was possible only because I stopped listening to my well-wishers and started listening to my feet.

Listening to my body with migraine

Similarly, listening to my body helped me deal with migraines to some extent.

For the first 28 years of my life, I listened to my well-wishers and suffered gravely. This made sure I ate a lot of junk instead of food along with toxic medicines and had intolerable pain all my childhood along with a ton of other symptoms, including mucus secretion from my mouth and nose throughout the year.

The last three years have been better in various manners even though my migraines have intensified in my thirties. I took care of my triggers and made some lifestyle changes. These changes were possible because I stopped listening to others and became anti-social to a great degree. It was a tradeoff between tremendous flare-ups and fewer migraines. I went for fewer migraines. I am glad I did. Otherwise, it gets frustrating to a degree that becomes intolerable.

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