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You Are NOT Lazy, You Are NOT Anti-Social, You Have Migraine

Have you ever felt misunderstood or been made to feel that you are lazy or antisocial because of having migraine? You are not alone! Migraine isolates us from our support systems because of the way we must labor through the intense pain in darkened silence.

Why do people stigmatize migraine?

When we withdraw from the world to care for ourselves repeatedly, we can be viewed as if we are choosing this route when we are actually forced to care for ourselves. Because some triggers are avoidable, we may ourselves even internalize a feeling that this condition is our fault. This is not the case. We never chose this condition. It has done nothing but complicate our lives. We are doing our best to care for ourselves in hopes that we can rejoin the world.

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In this video, Holly shares an experience in which she was accused of being antisocial due to having migraine and discusses how this kind of experience is universal.

Have you ever felt misunderstood because of migraine? In the comment section below we invite you to share ways in which have been misunderstood due to having migraine.

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