Hanging In There

I was first diagnosed with migraines by my chiropractor when I was in my early 20's. Thanks to my husband we visited our chiropractor fairly regularly and I mentioned my symptoms to him. He told me that I had the classic signs of migraines. I was shocked. I always thought migraines were these horrible things that would have me unable to do anything. At that time, in my 20's, the headaches didn't show often and when I thought about it, I think I had mini versions of them as early as grade school. The triggers at that time were the florescent lights at school and bright sunlight. Thankfully, the headaches didn't happen too often.

From my teen years until after my 1st pregnancy, the headaches were beaten back by mostly Excedrin and coffee, and then Midrin (waste of my time), and then Imitrex injectable, and the pill form of that. After my pregnancy (and after breastfeeding) my headaches became my monthly nightmare. The only time that would let up was during the latter 1/2 of each pregnancy and during breastfeeding. I'm so glad I have 3 beautiful boys, but I wish/ed that I didn't have to go through each episode (lasting anywhere from 2 to 10 days) being a pain-ridden bitch. I tried all the triptan meds, I tried the nose drops. I found lately in the last year that the rebound headaches were not worth doing these meds. I'm 47 now and I'm praying for menopause to arrive, as peri-menopause is slowly shifting my cycles.

I write this now while experiencing a migraine that I had hoped that I was hiding from. I actually went a month and a 1/2 with out a migraine. But, no, It found me. Two years ago I went to a neurologist, the only one who would accept medicaid. She put me on a bunch of meds, things to counter inflammation, and amitriptyline, topamax. Two almost good things came out of it was how great amitriptyline was for a sleep aid and I lost 20 pounds from the topamax. But I had to quit the topamax. I literally could not think with topomax, and the vibrations I experienced with the 400mgs of the ami was just too much. I weaned my self off of both mostly, except now I'm on 30 mgs of the ami and now I take 50mgs of traZodone. My regular doc suggested this. All I know right now is I like that I can sleep. That was also a huge problem for me for years.

Now my mode of operations is that if the headache doesn't go away with advil, then I'm in for it. I quit the advil so hopefully it doesn't cause rebounds and I take Vicoden at night, just one, to help me bear it. Promithezane suppositories help if I get into the vomiting jags. I'm sure, also hanging out at the computer doesn't be too helpful but it is a distraction (currently watching One Tree Hill on netflix, ha ha).

For whoever is out there reading this, I hope you know that you are not alone. I finally, I hope, realize that by just saying the word "migraine" will not cause me to have a migraine, I think, ha ha......

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