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I'm 45 and got my 1st migraine at 12. Throughout my youth I got more headaches (Excedrin worked!) than actual migraines. In my 20's I ran long distance, so much so that I didn't have periods and the headaches decreased a lot!

It wasn't until I had children in my 30's and never had a headache while pregnant or nursing that I (and my doc) realized that many of my headaches were hormone related! And my doc had a "cure"! When I was done nursing my last child I began getting the Depo shot every month and for 5 years it worked!! I only had 2-3 migraines a year, as apposed to 2-3 a month!!

However, for the last 2 years I've been getting them back... but they're different. The pain, location, and even duration and symptoms are different than any headaches in the past. I've had an MRI, tried nerve blocks, a few medications and the only thing that helps is Imitrex, actually it works completely!! The problem is I'm now taking up to 10 a month! and it's more like a cluster headache... I'm now considering beta-blockers but would like some input from other people with simulacra headaches. Mine are on the left side, temple area, strike in the early morning (wakes me up at 5am) and aren't debilitating but make my usual activities unbearable! If I take the Imitrex it gets rid of it but the headache usually comes back the next morning and this will go on for several days and then stop for a few weeks... so weird and frustrating!!

Any suggestions or ideas? I know my case is FAR from the horrible stories on here, my heart goes out to many of you, but it's to the point that they're controlling my life and I HATE that!!

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