Feeling Lost and Tired

I remember feeling a cool breeze in October 2016. I was on the pier at South Padre Island, enjoying the perfect weather for fishing. I remember my cousin pulling his rod and fishing line back, to hook the "fish" on further. I suddenly heard a loud crack, and assumed it was a rock hitting a windshield. Seconds later I felt something warm running down my face, thinking it was seagull poop I touched it and looked at my hand and realized it was blood. I bled for a good 30 minutes, non-stop. The fishing weight gave me a knock to my head. I felt tired and weak, but my aunt refused to let me fall asleep. Soon the bleeding stopped, I didn't think much of it and went back to fishing.

Traumatic injury and chronic headache

The next day was when my life was changed. I woke up with a horrible headache, the light, noise, and even smells were bothering me. Every day from that point on I have gotten migraines. I get migraines to the point to where I'm throwing up every morning.

Uninsured, college life, and migraine

I, unfortunately, don't have insurance, being a broke college student, and can't get correct medication for them, or even get checked. Dealing with this every day has affected me dramatically. I can't play outside with my dog, because the light and noise bothers me. I can't drive in the dark, because the lights of other cars bother me. I can't enjoy a movie with my boyfriend because the sound of the tv bothers me. I can't enjoy chocolate or soda, because that triggers my. migraines. I am slowly realizing what I can and can't do, and starting to realize there is more that I can't do. I feel lost and tired, if any of you have homemade remedies that work for you, please let me know. I'm am glad that I'm not the only one, but I am however sad that so many deal with this horrendous problem.

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