Migraine Horton's Headache central and peripheral neuralgic pain

I'm Alex 44 years old male from Stockholm, Sweden.

I suffered from headaches as long as I can remember. Puberty kicked in at it got worse. Acetylsalicylic acid like in aspirin was the only medication at that time.

Once in my mid-twenties the headaches were so severe my body couldn’t handle the pain threshold, vomiting and immobilized in bed for days. I was committed to Karolinska University hospital in Huddinge in Stockholm. Team of neurologist diagnosed; Migraine and Horton’s headache (Cluster Headache). Sumatriptan injection and NSAIDs like Naproxen 250mg was sufficient.

Couple years later I suffered severe facial and head trauma from stomping on the head and kicks in the face, made the migraine worse. My nasal mucosa was severely damaged and ever since 1997 I've been suffering from chronic sinus infections. Couple months later I started suffering from severe central and peripheral neuralgic pain and it still is my Nemesis.

So nowadays for acute conditions I've got Sumatriptan injections, Diazepam 20mg and Oxygen bottles for Migraine and Horton's headache. For severe facial, skeletal pain I'm ordinated Oxycodone. Prophylactic daily medication; Pregabalin 600mg, Amitriptyline 40mg and Diclofenace 150mg

And when that doesn't help I'm hospitalized and get synthetic morphine Ketogane. On rare occasions when my pain makes my body quit the neurologist haul out the big gun; Fentanyl.

Could be worse... I'm lucky to live in Sweden where our welfare-state more or less provides free healthcare for a small fee once a year.

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