Migraine with Aura and Aphasia

Yesterday I was on a conference call around 11pm and I started to feel dizzy and lightheaded. I was supposed to read a report with some numbers to my co-workers and I noticed that the numbers I was reading weren't right. Then a few minutes later, the aura started and I started seeing wavy zig-zag lines and a weird prisim like field, and couldn't look at my monitor any more.

After the call ended, I quickly went and got my Maxalt, which I've never taken before, and then went immediately to bed. Shortly after getting into bed, the headache started, and I would describe it as among the worst pain I've ever felt in my life. I waited it out for two hours, and then I woke up and told my wife I need to go to the hospital.

After getting to the hospital, I started having trouble forming words and sentences. The doctor was asking me questions and what came out of my mouth was a string of total jibberish. I could hear myself saying total nonsense and had no idea what was happening.

I pointed at the doctor's pen to try to get a pen and paper and I thought I would be able to write. The doctor asked me if I've ever had migraine before, and I tried to write "it's happened once before" and what I actually wrote (I still have the paper) is "one hard one node only". Then next I tried to write that I'm having a migraine with aura, and what I wrote was "one hard arould ar."

After I finished writing that, I just froze and the doctor said that she thinks I'm having a stroke and she called out for a stoke alert. Immediately 10 doctors and nurses rushed in and hooked up IV's to both my arms, started attaching all equipment.

A new doctor came in and started asking me questions like what's my name, who's the president. I could answer all of them but it took me few minutes to form the words. Then he showed me a paper with a picture of a feather on it and asked me what it was, and I couldn't tell him. Then another picture of a hammock that I couldn't identify. It was like I knew what I was looking at, but I didn't know the words for it anymore. The doctor said I had aphasia and then they took me off to get a CT scan.

Thank god the CT scan showed all results totally normal, because I really thought I was having a stroke and would be brain damaged and never able to speak again.

Then they took me back to the room and started giving me morphine and other drugs. They had to give me three doses of morphine before I got any relief from the headache. It didn't let up until around 4am, and by that I mean instead of a searing throbbing pain, it's just a dull terrible throbbing pain.

It's 3:21pm now and I still have some pain, especially when I try to move around. Hoping it will go away soon!

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