NO Pain

It started in 1988 was my first real episode, two days after a car wreck my wife took me to see and attorney, while in the car my right eye began to twitch and then got blurry and my right hand and arm began to tingle, my wife said when I talked my words where gibberish or so slurred she could not understand me, lasting only about 5 minutes or less and all was back to normal
and no headache. Upon arrival at the attorney he recommend I go see his doctor whom was a chiropractor, we did and he x-rayed and then worked on me and stated he related it to head trauma from the accident as I hit my head on the back window of my pickup truck. He also said he believed I may have also had a pinched nerve.

I did not have another episodes until about 2007, when about a day and half after I had hit my head after bending down under a rack and when I got up I hit the back of my head, then at work after about a day and half, my right eye began to twitch then went a little blurry and my words slurred, little tingle in my right hand and arm, a little nausea, I sat down and it went away in about 3 to 4 minutes and was fine after. I had a couple of headaches before that through the years but nothing with these symptoms just the pain behind the eyes more on the right side and they would last about a help hour to hour and I would take aspirin or Tylenol and they would go away.

Then about 4 weeks ago 1 day after hitting my head after coming out from under my trailer (I am a truck Driver) and stood up to soon and hit my head. My right eye twitched and got blurry and my right hand a part of my arm tingled, I slurred my words slightly and within 3 minutes was back to normal and all was well. During the week of this we were driving in many different climates as well, going from tempters of -3 to tempters of 40 degrees, and also going from altitudes of sea level to 8000 feet or more. Then about a week and half later I woke up early for my shift and my right eye twitched and little blurriness when I stood up then within about 2 minutes it was all gone and everything was normal. A couple of days went by and I was at home and woke up the next morning with my eye twitching and this time no blurriness stopped and all was normal. My wife talked me into going to the hospital, what a mistake that was, they ran all the tests cat scans, MRI you name it and of course classified it as a migraine headache even though they did not put in the reports about me hitting my head and they never asked me if I had hit my head. Then they released me and said I was ok.

Well our company disqualified me from driving saying I have migraines with aura even though reading the DOT regs I should be ok to drive and all the doctors except the company doctor agreed, so now I am once again without work... if you’re a driver be careful this can end your driving carrier...

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