Migraine with stroke symptoms, My Story

I am a 55 year old female. My migraine attack that started my current problems began last October. I got out of my car to visit my daughter and fell over on the porch. My daughter tells me that I did not know where I was, who she was or what had happened. She took me to the hospital. I could not speak and my right side was very weak. Because I was presenting symptoms of a stroke, I was given TPA and sent to another hospital for further test. I spent 4 days in the hospital and was moved to a rehibilitation hospital. My weakness continued and my speech returned slowly. The doctor at the hospital told us that I have complex migraines. I was released after 10 days. I did not have another attack until March 2, 12.

I fell in the hallway of my home when a migraine started. My husband called 911 to get me to the hospital. Same symptoms as before. I do have auras before each atteack behind my left eye.

It does not give me much warning, about a minute or two before the the most intense headache followed by my right side weakness and hand tremor. I had attacks twice a day lasting 1 hour to 2 hours while in the hospital. The doctors again had several test done that all turned out as negative. After 4 days I was sent to the rehab hospital. My attacks continued. Medications didn't help. I am home now and the attacks continue and we never know when my next attack will happen. We know they will happen and right now they happen three or more times a day. All happen at different times and last from 20 minutes to 2 hours. I have had two that have awakened me at night. Since March 2, 12, I have had 40 plus attacks. My migraine has never gone away and remain at a 6 or 7 after an attack. We find it very difficult to find a trigger since these attacks are so random both in time and length. I am confined to my house. My doctor is giving me Topamax 200mg a day and Reglan and aspirin at the start of an attack.

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