Read some of your stories and decided to share mine

I started getting migraines about 2 years ago. Woke up early one morning with the worst headache I'd ever experienced. The vomiting started and I crawled out of the bathroom and collapsed on the floor, too sick to move any further. After about 45 minutes I made it to the couch where I stayed until late afternoon.

I made an appointment to see my doctor. He referred me to an ENT who prescribed Treximet which worked but had major side effects not to mention being very expensive. I then was referred to a neurologist who switched me to Imitrex and that works well and is much less expensive and side effects are not quite as severe. Stress will trigger headaches but at other times I get them without knowing why. When they start I have 3 days of headaches which range from moderate to severe. I score the severity on how much of the medicine I have to take to get over it. Sometimes half a pill helps and I can still function a little. If I need to take a full dose then I'm done for the day as I sleep for hours. More than one full dose a day and I remember very little. About 95% of the time I wake very early with the migraine. Only sometimes do they happen later in the day.

For a long time I was afraid to go very far from home alone for fear of getting a headache and not being able to get back. I never leave the house without my meds. OTC meds do not work for me. I've found that if people have never experienced a migraine they just don't understand how debilitating a migraine can be. Sometimes at work I'll hear someone say that they have a migraine yet they seem to function fine. Is that possible? Sometimes nausea hits before the headache, sometimes visual disturbances. Sometimes symptoms but the headache may not happen for a day or two. I'll experience nasal congestion which disappears after the migraine comes and gos. I can't deal with bright lights, noise or smells and I want to be left alone. Sometimes I'm better the next day and sometimes I'm still wiped out and non-functional. Migraines alter a persons life drastically.

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