Migraines and Bulging Discs in my neck

I am a 48 year old female who started getting Migraines in 1998. My first one came 2 days after having surgery to have my retina re-attached. I thought it was surgery pain until I contacted my surgeon and described the symptoms to her. It was my very first migraine and I was really hoping it would be my last (Go figure on that one!).

Anyway, I had them intermittently until 2003 when I was diagnosed with what my doctor called Chronic Intermittent Migraine. We tried Midrin, which did not work. Then I tried Maxalt and that was way too expensive because it was not on the drug formulary for my insurance company. Then, I tried Imitrex. It worked, but I was still getting two many of them (8 of them a month to be exact). I tried the preventives, which caused me to have other types of headaches.

Finally, earlier this year we narrowed down the cause of the migraines- 3 bulging discs in my neck!!!! Between the muscle spasms, the neck pain that is constant, and the Fibromyalgia, dealing with migraines for me is not fun and it's a bit of an adventure, because I can never deal with a migraine the same way twice. 14 years of migraines and now we finally know the cause of them. 8 years before the first migraine, though, I was in a bad car accident and suffered whiplash. That's what caused the bulging discs, which were discovered by my doctor in 2009 but I was not informed of them until 2012. Nice insurance company!

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