Migraines and Narcotics

I am 62 and have had migraines almost all my life. I was started on Vicodin about ten years ago, progressed to Percocet and about two years ago started seeing a new doctor who dispensed Oxycodone like M&Ms.

I finally got an appt at the Thomas Jefferson Headache Clinic in July and spent a week in their hospital in August. I did not go with the DHE treatment as I had tried it four times before and although it did get rid of the headache it made me horribly sick. So I went through withdrawal and headache reducement in one week. They would not prescribe any triptans without a stress test, which I was reluctant to take. They gave me a few Methadone to wean off but I was totally unprepared for the withdrawal symptoms.

Here I am on Oct. 10 still getting headaches every day and still suffering some withdrawal symptoms. I have some Imitrex to take but that is only three days a week an am pretty miserable the other four. I was very happy to see Dr. William Young but he hasn't helped me very much. I am taking Mexiletine four times a day so hopefully that will reduce the headaches.

Has anyone else had to deal with withdrawal and headaches?

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