Migraines of all types.

Hello all,

I am 32, I excersice frequently and live a very healthy lifestyle. It was back when I was 13, after a day of horseback riding that I experienced my first migrane. Felt like an icepick in my temple and lasted 4 hours, subsiding alost immediately after vomiting. Over the years the pain has always been the same but now after the vomiting, the pain is still there. I have never really been able to put my finger on a trigger.

The onset of my migraines is the same every time though. About 9am I will lose my central focus of vision. Within about 20 minutes, my vision comes back and the pain starts. It took me all of the last 19 years to realize how to accurately describe my pain, when one day, I was having a smoothie and got a "Brain Freeze". That's it! My migraines are the exact same pain, in the exact same place, as a brain freeze. Except they last 4/6 hrs. OTC "Migraine" medications are a joke. I have also tried Imitrex and one or two others that escape me, but they also are a joke. I finally had my doctor write me up for norco. These are similar to Vicodin or Percocet, although stronger than Vicodin. I wont say they help completely, but are the only meds I have found to take the migraine from a 12 to an 8. I have raced motorcycles most my life, hurting myself often and had some Norcos in my medicine cabinet from a previous injury. I decided to try them with a migraine and they do help a bit. Another thing i found that helps tremendously is having my girlfriend, for as long as she's willing, rub my feet. Again, helps only a little, but anything is better than nothing.

I remember seeing a show about people with cluster headaches and always thought they sounded more relateable to my headaches than how people had described migraines. When I asked my doctor he dismissed it and said they're totally different. Although I will say, I am almost certain he nor anyone in the field of general medecine really understands migraines, in my experience. The slightest sound is unbearable. Light? Forget about it. When I get my migraine I go facedown fetal position and whine and cry for 4-6 hours.

Don't know if any of this info will help anyone or is relateable but i wanted to share my situation. I get my migraines only a few times a year but inbetween I do have certain types of other headaches that will last a day or 2 that are dull and nauseating and otc advil or tylenol just wont help.

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