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Misunderstandings Effect Living Situation

Hello. I'm posting because this is the only place I feel like there might be someone who understands.

Invisible pain

I'm exhausted with having to tell people I'm in pain. I live with my husband and his parents, and things are coming to a head with them because of my illness.

Constantly misunderstood

Apparently, because I'm someone who pushes through and doesn't lock myself in my room every time I'm in pain, my pain doesn't exist. I couldn't possibly be having a "real" migraine because I was dancing earlier (to forget/distract from my pain). I'm just emotionally manipulating my husband by telling him my actual pain status.

Looking for advice

I don't know what to do, I have absolutely no control over the situation I live in. No job, can barely eat properly, and also have seizures, autism, and fibromyalgia (which apparently also doesn't exist in general). So I find it extremely difficult to be employed for more than a month before everything flares up again. I'd like to apply for disability but I have no idea how to get all of my medical records. I'm hitting a wall.

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