The most misunderstood word Migraine.

It's been a long road and will continue to be. I started getting migraines when I was in a car accident at 16. Who knew that a car accident would trigger the hell I've been in ever since. All through high school and college I suffered from them. Back then imitrex was just being released. I found out very quickly I couldn't drink in college otherwise I was facing something even worse than a hangover. I lived in fl at the time and the humidity was always an enemy as well.

Throughout my career in television my migraines forced bosses to let me go because if I worked more than 20 hour days in production or 7 days a week developing a show id be slammed with a migraine that would send me to the er and I'd miss work. Ultimately once I met my husband, I stopped working to get a handle on them. We were doing ok until I got pregnant and had migraines the entire time because you can't take your triptans. My ob was behind me and calmed my mind as to how my son was doing because of the meds I had to take, my son came out perfect.

We are now trying again and I'm off topamax. It's been brutal. My neuro wrote a note for me to go to the er to get through this ( yes they get that bad). And I'm always amazed at what some of the er drs call you and try to tell you when all you are doing is trying to get rid of the pain. It's so upsetting. I often wonder if I'm a bad mom. But deep down I know I'm not.

I've lost a lot of friends over them as well. They think I am just canceling because I want to be with my husband. Oh don't I wish that was the case. My husband is amazingly supportive. He's done research for migraines drs and medications. He is always looking for a support group for spouses because he has a hard time with them as well. We've put a great team in place to help when one hits. It's still hard though...they are very misunderstood. We are hoping after the next baby there will be surgeries I can undergo to help with them and then there is always awaiting menopause.

I dream of the day I am migraine free.

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