Getting older, Getting more migraines

It seems that as I'm getting older my migraines seem be getting worse. I am getting more of them, and more types, and more effects. I'm not sure if it's my age, or if it's due to Menopause, since I do know that Hormones are a trigger for some of my migraines and my hormones are really out of whack right now. I get several migraines a week now even while taking preventive medication every night. I have start getting more stomach issues with my migraines now too and if I start throwing up, I am usually in for several days of it and end up in the ER to get a shot as I will end up severely dehydrated and feeling horrible. I have Continuous Vomiting Syndrome with my Migraines. I also get painless migraines and luckily they don't last very long, but are scary as heck. I will get pain and weakness in my arm and get double vision and very dizzy. It will last for several minutes and them subside. These are starting to get worse too, I now start to feel like I'm tipping over with the dizzy feeling.

My migraines are also to the point where right now it seems that only the Imitrex Injection is the only thing that seems to make them go away, and I hate needles and to try to give myself a shot in the middle of the night with a full fledged migraine going isn't the easiest thing in the world to do.

I am really getting to the point of banging my head against the wall, nothing seems to work, I am exhausted all the time, the hang-over after the migraines pretty much last up until the next migraine hits me, I've cut out wine and foods that trigger, try to meditate to help with stress, hormones. well it will be awhile before those are under control, but I am looking for answers, the doctors never seem to have any for me, I am afraid that people (my boss) will stop believing it when I call out due to a migraine when I can't see my computer screen because my vision is so blurred and my brain is so muddled I can't think straight to try to deal with customers on the phone. People can't "see" my illness so I don't think they see it as being a real illness.

I am looking for answers, suggestions, hints on how to prevent and/or make my migraines stop or be less severe.. I am hoping that people, like me that deal with this daily have found things, since my doctors haven't... thanks all..

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