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My life!

Im 33 now and I have been suffering with migraines since I was 10 years old. They have effected me so much through my adulthood. I have a hard time accomplishing anything which has put me in a depression stage.

I was kicked out of school because of too many migraines, I have been fired from numerous jobs because of it. I am single mother of three wonderful daughters and it's a shame they have to see me suffer with these blasted migraines. Because of them I can't do the fun family outings like museum parks because I cannot go on roller coasters or any rides that will shake me. Hot summer days well forget that idea of fun hot areas to travel to in the winter.

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I hate the fact that my friends just don't understand my migraines and my employment worker. I get no symptoms before I get a migraine. All symptoms his at once, lost of vision,numbness, pain, vomiting. No meds work for me at all so I have to wait them out. I had MRI's and nothing thanks God has shown up. But with these migraines I have other 2 health issues which are the course to them, sleep apena an extreme bad case of sleep apena and TMJ.

I do everything Im suppose to do, i follow my diet and i have a strict schedule and routine i still suffer. The worst part is now my migraines have gotten worst with age, they are like little mini strokes. Messes up my speech and everything. Between all the doctors I have, my family doctor, my sleep apena doctor, my neurologist and my migraine specialist and my OB no one can help me find a cure.

So because of my disease that the gov't does not classified as one im left living a life changing jobs every three months because of my migraines. I hate having them and I try every day to live with them. My friends just dont get it, they rather lecture me then educate themselves.

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