Life With Migraines

I got my first migraine at 16 years old. I awoke in the middle of a school night thinking someone had hit me in the head with something. The pain was indescribable, I paced my bedroom, yelled at my little sister when she tried to comfort me, and eventually screamed at my parents when the burst into our room trying to find out what was going on. My scared parents decided I need to go to the ER. That was almost 20 years ago. The diagnosis was specifically Cluster Migraines, very rare and very very rare in women. I would not have my next round until college and I was a little more prepared. I did have meds on hand and no roommate to disturb. Needless to say as I progressed into my twenties my sister was my biggest supporter. She knew the look, meaning I was about to start a cycle, or I was coming off one. My husband learned the hard way early in our marriage what happens during a cycle. The pacing, yelling, swearing when bothered, crying for no reason, and the messy aftermath. I was sure he would leave, but he did not.

Over the years I saw a neurologist, chiropractic specialist, started preventative meds, journals, and diet elimination. The migraines came more and more frequently. At an absolute down point I started taking Excedrine migraine on top of all of my prescribed meds and led myself in to early renal failure. Thankfully that got fixed but here I am 35 and wondering why me? Some days the pain is too much. My husband does get frustrated about my "headaches" because they render me useless. I would never wish this pain on anyone but sometimes I want to yell it's not just a headache! I would welcome a headache!

Life with migraines is hard but not impossible. I have missed many important family events, time from work, and overall free time. However I have also learned a lot, mainly to appreciate everyday because you never know when you might have lay in bed all day with a migraine!

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