My brain hates me

I have had migraines since I was 7-8 or maybe earlier, but this was when I started on medications for migraines. I used to be sent home from Day camp and school because my head hurt too badly. Luckily my mom understood migraines and would comfort me.

They were off and on and couldn't pin point what caused them, but I would get them at inopportune times like friends’ birthday parties... When I was in my early teens I started birth control and antidepressants and was told I would not be allowed to take my Migraine medications any more. This was for heavy periods and terrible anxiety/depression.

When I got off Anti depressants a couple years ago they let me start taking triptans again.

However this year has been a turn for the worst... It is graduation year; I got married in summer and have also had the most nightmarish migraines in my life.

I started Topamax, which the side effects were absolutely awful, I felt drugged and twitchy, and the word loss was awful... Taking this while finishing a Biology degree was a nightmare...

I have now been in the hospital 3 times for IVs and pain medication to subdue never ceasing migraines that left me in a slump on the floor. I was given sumatriptan shots and 2 other pills (Treximet and Maxalt) to take depending on how severe they come.

Stress definitely makes them worse, but the week of my period is a week from Hell. It is a week long migraine that often has me wearing a hat and sunglasses all day plus taking a triptan pill if not a shot sometimes twice a day, every day. I can’t figure out too much more that is a direct trigger; alcohol can make them appear, but only sometimes. Not eating enough makes them worse, as well as sleeping too much. Light and sound is torture during them.

I am in the process of switch neurologists, my previous just blamed them on Advil use, and while I admit I used to take Advil excessively, I had stopped long before I saw him. I called him after my first ER visit and all he said was sorry but it happens...

So I am trying to figure out a better treatment now and trying to cope with these migraines that have NEVER been this bad... My now husband has been with me for years, but he and my family are worried about how severe these have gotten.

No idea WHY NOW!

That is my story in short!

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