My Old Companion

This is how I have come to feel about my migraines. Diagnosed at age 8 with migraine it has been a journey shared with this constant "being" always there. At times hated, other times tolerated, but always with me.

My medication journey

I have had chronic migraine since my teenage years and have been on a variety of medications, the usual suspects, antidepressants, nerve blockers, beta-blockers, etc.

Many have worked. For a few years, they even eased the severity of the attacks. Not as much vomiting or as many days in bed. For the last few years, I have been on epilepsy medication, antidepressants, botox injection, occipital nerve injection, sumitriptan injection, anti-sickness medication, maxalts, the TMS machine and they have all helped a bit.

A family that understands

I have been lucky to have been married now to an amazing and understanding man for over thirty years and have a grown family who all understand this "creature" that follows me around on holidays and days out. That can ruin a planned party or a weekend away.

A new creature to fight

Then last year during lockdown I got diagnosed with a brain tumor. I was so angry.

I was 8 when all of this started, I felt I had done a good job, staying strong, being a mum, a wife, a fighter. Now I have a new visitor who wants a fight. Well, it's picked on the wrong person.

Through everything, friends and family have been everything. It's just hard to find strength all of the time.

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