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My migraine story

Hi I’m new on here and thought I would ask for other people’s opinions. here goes….it goes on a bit so apologies in advance…
At the end of last year(October) I started to have tinnitus in my left ear then one day I found I couldn’t take information in at work or concentrate and I had headache. Went to see dr and she checked neuro signs and thought something wrong with my cerebellum. I went to hospital and was discharged then started having ‘blank’ episodes which progressed to ‘twitches’ (I was aware throughout) these then progressed in a few days to full body seizures. I couldn’t stop these happening and was aware of everything around me.

After 5 hospital admissions in 2 weeks I had an MRI, EEG, carroted artery checked, ECG and spinal tap. The docs originally thought it was due to fluid in the mastoid area, however ENT ruled this out. (exasperated by this point) Ended up transferred to a neuro hopital where I had another EEG. Neuro thought I was having non-epileptic seizures and put it down to stress. All the while I was having headaches. The seizures have subsided but I still get intermittent lack of co-ordination and weakness on my left side, which seem to coincide with my menses.. I also get weird ‘patches’ of goosebumps on left side (if that makes sense).

The neuro has diagnosed me with migraine and I was prescribe amytriptiline (spelling?) which took away the headache but made me extremely drowsy so i am now taking Propananol which takes away the headache.

I have noticed that I have the aura around the time of my period so I dread that time. Just today my speech seemed thicker as if my tongue were swollen, I had trouble remembering words and feel as though my concentration is less than normal, then lo and behold, the period had arrived.

I hope this help someone and I would like to hear from others who have similar experiences.

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  • jojo
    8 years ago

    Your story reminded me of the time I was taking Hormone Replacement Tablets which did not agree with me at all. I was having migraine attacks every couple of hours for a whole evening one Christmas and my doctor took me off the tablets immediately. It appears that any hormone tablets are bad for those of us who suffer from migraines. They can induce strokes and should be completely avoided…or so I’ve read. Your attacks are definitely hormonal – why not keep a diary in order to pre-empt the symptoms and take medication to prevent the full blown attack – just a suggestion…good luck

  • Laurie Case Vincent
    8 years ago

    Sounds like menstral migraines. I had heavy menstral bleeding from uterine polyps several years ago. I had to take natural progesterone to reduce the bleeding during periods. And during that time I hardly had any migraines at all. When I quit taking the progesterone, the menstral migraines came back. If you are taking any birth control pills with estrogen, or estrogen alone, you should stop taking them. They can make migraines worse in some people. Estrogen with migraines can also put you at risk of having a stroke, or TIA’s (mini-strokes). Good luck!

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