My Neurologist is Leaving

I’ve had the same Neurologist for over 10 years. She’s been wonderful and we’ve developed a very close bond. I’ve tried every medication, treatment, injection etc except for actual surgery. Now she is leaving the practice to go do global research for migraines which is wonderful for her and the migraine community but horrible for me.

My problem is that I don’t really like anyone else at the practice. And the thought of finding a new neuro and going through this whole process again has heightened my anxiety and depression to levels I haven’t dealt with in a while.

Has anyone else gone through this and how did you handle? I’m also located in the tristate area. So any suggestions of doctors would be helpful. I feel like I’m going through a break up of a marriage. It’s awful. Chronic migraine sufferer with anxiety and depression for 10+ years. 25-28 migraines a month. Thank you!

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