New sympton?!!?!?!?!?!?

A scary feeling is going through the day and not remembering anything i even had a drs appointment that day that i have no memory of. All I knew was I woke up wednesday night, thinking i forgot to go to the dr. On thursday morning, i mentioned it to my fiance and he stated "you did go to the dr" as he kissed me and walked out to go to work. I spent the morning trying to remember the day before, I rememberd nothing At all.

I found out some info from the drs office and on Friday a friend picked up my prescription(s) from the pharmacy and there was a strange medication that I did not recognize. On Monday i found out that i went on about my day as usual. having regular conversation with my future mother in law and walking my dogs on their regular morning walk. The only thing anyone said that was different is that they say i was kinda loopy and I slept from Wednesday around noon until Thursday morning 6am. My drs office said that we will consider this as one of the symptoms of my migraines. does my migraines cause everything?

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