No birthday cake for me- ever

I've suffered with migraine headaches since I was 5 yrs. old. The blinding light, vomiting and sound sensitivity. Every year since being 5 yrs old, on my birthday with my twin sister having the normal store bought cake with the sweet icing drove me to violent migraine headaches. Mom would lay me down in a quiet dark room and put a cool clothes on my forehead and change it out when it was too warm take me to the bathroom to vomit. So I not only suffered but my mom too. My dad always got scared when I'd ask him to come to the bathroom so I could get sick and ease my anxiety of being terrified of what was happening to me at an early age. Dad always sat in the hallway and waited until I was done, then care for me. Mom was always in the bathroom holding my hair and draping a cool cloth on the neck.

I'm 45 yrs old now and traveled the long road of lifetime migraine headaches. Over the years I tried everything available to no relief. Within the last 5 yrs I have had the violent vomiting every time with a migraine headache. Before then the vomiting came and went. Now it's consistent, frightening and horrible experience. I've had the pills, at home injections, hospital ER visits for the migraine cocktails of toradol- phenagrin- benadryl IV which actually makes me feel like a new person with relief. I see a neurologist and all she does is push more pills on me. I have three short term treatments, two high powered treatments and three preventive medicine treatments. I have had success with a chiropractor and adjusting my neck. I also am looking at the acupuncture for the ear bone cartilage. I asked the neurologist what she thought, her response was let's try more medicine and look at boxtox injections.

I am looking for safe alternative relief. My bedroom is dark, cool and quiet. I have a blindfold, ear plugs and ice pack ready to go at a moment's notice. I keep a headache diary along with a food diary. I log symptoms, triggers and feelings. But to this day I suffer from 7-12 headaches a month with vomiting. I have post concussion syndrome due to years of untreated concussion and many blows to the head by the hand of abuse.

My question is does the piercing of the ear bone cartilage actually help with migraine headaches? It's a alternative to medicine but not enough study of if it really works.

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