Not Understood

So I am sitting in my living room watching my two small children play as we are on vacation from school. I start seeing from the corner of my eye some sparkly lights. Right away I said to myself, "Oh no!" It starts to get wider and bigger within a couple of minutes. Yep, it's my Aura. So I run to my medicine cabinet, my children(4 yr old and 2 year old) scared of what was going on. I started trembling and fumbling thru my medications to find one pill. I sometimes feel like I am addicted to these that when I get my aura I fumble thru every thing I can and pray I find one.I only get approved 6 pills for one month. Its horrible to find out that you have run out. So I text family members that I am getting my aura and they tell me "well close your eyes so you won't see it" or "you know what to do, you've gotten that before". Why don't they understand how I feel? Then being at home by myself with two little ones who are needy. So then 15 minutes later my aura is gone. This is where I stand right's like the saying "wait for it....wait for it..." because within 30 minutes of my aura ending I get hit with the biggest migraine. Migrarines with aura are the worst ones I get. I only wish the public would understand what a migraine is and that it's not just a headache.

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