Is it an obstacle?

In fact this may seem as a challenge that can be taken for granted but of course this is the case for those not having something to bear like this. My story started like this actually. I know to what extend this pain is capable of making you be fed up with living. I don't remember the precise date when I was first captured by this but it was maybe at the beginning of my teens. How many courses had to be ignored, how many somethings to focus on had been taken away from me, can't be counted. What I feel very regretful about is to wait for a medication until the end of my twenties. Finally I had been prescribed to curb this heavy pain with a medication making you like-a-drunk without getting alcohol. Yeah, all the years without even an examination had passed shortly and all the missings I had left behind were going to be something I`m going to question of what took me so long. Well, am I ok now? Of course not, this is still something conquering not just my brain also my life at least three times a month. I wish I were strong enough to save myself from being taken hostage by this but only one thing turns out to be to get a drug. The other thing which makes me sad is to be incapeble of letting anybody know the mood as I am captured by this. I try not to refer it as a pain because it is not, it is more and more than that.

So what should be done? First thing is to wait for a precise medication until the last date we are going to survive. Other thing is to keep on living the months at least three day missing compared to a normal one and feeling drunk without getting alcohol. As a last thing let me say this, migraine combined with a high myopia makes the life very difficult.

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