Oh if only I had family history to work with!

I must start with my grateful thanks to everyone else who posts here and on other boards, groups and websites/blogs with regards to migraines- it does wonders for my attitude toward this disease and dealing with my own struggles with migraines.

To start, I can remember I've always had headaches. My worst ever headache I ended up in Urgent Care and they gave me Imitrex- I was in my early 20s and I thought I was going to die- and that was after the Imitrex! Note to self- triptans not so cool! In my mid 20s I was finally diagnosed with migraine, surprisingly enough I started getting more and more migraines as I worked my way in and up in my company (stress? you bet!). Medications upon medications, doctors, more doctors, depression, crying, more headaches (mainly from the crying), finally! a neurologist who was willing to try anything to find me some relief! He tried combos of meds, abortives, had an ER plan, and determined he was at his end- he couldn't figure out what to do next but refer me to a new clinic that had a Headache Clinic of its own.

So now here I am, new Neurologist, attending Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Pain Psychology, talking to gynecologists for hormone balancing, making diet changes and attempting to lose weight. I get Botox. I have DHE injections for abortives and Ketoralac for rescue, a slew of vitamins and supplements and preventatives I take daily- I take more pills than my grandfather did when he was 80, and I'm 29! And worst of all, because my mom was adopted and my dad took off, there's absolutely no history to work with, so the only thing we know for sure is that there is no brain tumor because I had a MRI.

I treat this like I'm a recovering addict- day by day, minute by minute. It hurts less to laugh than it does to cry, and I'm less tense when I'm positive than when I'm negative, so I'm learning to focus on relaxing and releasing tension and frustration. So if you drive past me and I'm freaking out- that's just me releasing tension! Worry not! I'm just trying to avoid another migraine!

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