Oh my head

On average I get at least one migraine a week. This is an improvement from the three or four a week I used to live with. I make sure I have a constant supply of migraine tablets as life and work must go on. If I had to take off work every time I was struck with a migraine I would loose my job. Its not easy staring at a computer screen and balancing figures while feeling this way.

Not sure if the stiff neck is as a result or one of the causes of my migraine. I smell smoke and taste smoke before, during and after an attack which is really not pleasant. I am constantly checking and asking if something is burning.

There has been occasion when I have not been able to form a coherent sentence or known how to use my cell phone or put a key in a key hole, its as if the wires just don't connect.

I wish I didn't have to live with feeling like this. It can affect life in so many ways and be quite debilitating.

I know I am not alone and others have the same problem but still wish there was something I could do to avoid it.

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