Old Man Migraine

When I was 15 I had a splenectomy for a dermoid cyst in my spleen. Within a week I developed severe - aura beginning - Migraine Headaches. Typical at first, the massive aura in one eye, numbness in one hand, nausea (severe) followed by intense headache. I didn't know anything about migraines at the time, so I took a lot of aspirin which I was allergic to. These made my nausea worse and burned my stomach. Anyway, as time went on the migraines became less severe, but still appeared a few times a month, then a year. In the military I had none, but after ETS I found a bodyguard job with a very rich man. It was a night job and the migraines re-appeared on a twice weekly or more basis. I went to a doctor and he prescribed Inderal. It worked and after a year I went off them. Didn't have any headaches to speak of and then my father died at 92 years. Still no migraines (we weren't close) but then my mom died 9 years later (we were close) and the migraines returned, though not as severe. This spring, the migraines became more frequent 3-4 times a week, but no nausea and moderate headache. I forgot to mention I am a (now) 63 year old male and had heard that migraines disappeared after 50. Well, I am appalled at the return of this nightmare and should mention that my sinus allergies have also returned with a nose leaking, eye-itching vengeance. I understand that the allergies could contribute to the frequency of the headaches, but why did they return at all? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you, William Rohane. -

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