Thank you for allowing me to share my information. I am new to this web site and am grateful for others sharing their experience.

I began having severe headaches when I was only 4 years old and they were sure I had a brain tumor. Not sure how much was known then about migraines. I have had them off and on all my life with most related to the weather, smells, sunlight and exertion. I missed a lot of school and work over the many years but they would subside sometimes for months with only a few moderate headaches which tend to run in my family.

They actually got better for about 4-5 years ?? and I thought "Finally, they are gone now that I am much older." Well, that was wrong. They started back with a ferocious attack this year off and on (mostly on) and for the past 2 months have been the worst I have ever experienced with piercing one sided occasional 5-10 second sharp stabbing pains that almost brought me to my knees. I was home bound for almost 6 weeks just trying to deal with the pain. I did get Imitrex which was a Godsend for me but I was very cautious about taking it since I have coronary artery disease, b/p issues and some irregular heart beats. This is a no no for people with these issues I learned, even though it was given to me, because I was desperate with the pain. I am still dealing with some headaches every single day and have been for about 2-3 months now, I believe I am getting used to the daily pain and seem to be able to endure it if it stays at a #5 (I rate my pain) It does not seem to have a rhyme or reason now... These headaches come on with a very sore and tight neck and I was told I have some irregular (abnormal) vessels in my head which I was probably born with. Tests showed this.

It is all very difficult to really diagnose or treat because many meds cause me problems. I am debating about the daith piercing but not sure this is the answer for me. I understand infection can be a possibility and with my fibromyalgia also, I am sure the pain is powerful. I am praying for the answer. I would appreciate any thoughts or ideas as to your experience.

Thank you for allowing me to share my story and be a part of this website.

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