pineal cyst

I found out last year that I have had pineal cyst the size of 4mm for over 5 years, it showed up on all my mri's and not one doctor told me about it. so I started seeing a neurosurgeon. He repeated the mri, in november of 2016, well I recently started having some very bad pains in my head, along with nausea, unstable gate, a lot pressure to my ears and the back of my head, I have never suffered from any kind of headaches. I went to the er, the doc said I had migraines. I explained to her I never had them, so I went to the my family physician after 8 straight days of the pain, and all the other things going on, he did another mri, my cyst has trippled its size in just 4 months, and I have fluid build up on the left side of my brain. they say lay in a dark room with no noise, and put ice packs on your head, and take the medicine they gave me. well the medicine made it ten times worse. I have to have the lights on, I can not lay down, it makes it worse, I cant look down, I have to sit straight up and stare at the wall, and i also have clear fluid just run out my nose. I do not have any sinus infection at all. I have nothing to take that makes them better. I have constant pressure in my head. I have tried everything to stop them. I know when they are coming too, most of the time, other times they just pop up, either in my sleep, or if I cough, or even if I'm talking. they never start when I'm stressed. my life has been pure hell for the last month in a half, with no relief. my neurosurgeon told me, that it's unlikely to get any bigger, but if it does he will remove it, and that is a little scary, beings how they do it. it stops the crippling pain it does to me, I will be glad. trust me there are major symptoms you get with this. I hope this doctor can do something. I cant live like this.

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