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Does Pooping Give You Headache or Migraine Relief?

I'm not sure I'm a migraine sufferer, but I definitely do identify with "poop headaches". I have understood them for about two years now.
One day I had this serious headache behind my left ear. I took aspirin with a full glass of water (also works with Tylenol). Coincidently I had to poop. The headache went away within 30 minutes after pooping.

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Does pooping make your headache go away?

This would happen about once a month. One day I drank the usually large glass of water without an aspirin. Soon had to poop. After the poop, the pain went away within 30 minutes. I was amazed.
From then on, when the pain behind the left ear starts...I drink one or two large glasses of water (no aspirin)...then, very soon after have to poop. Did poop...and the headache is gone within 30 minutes.

I don't know what's going on with my guts to cause this. I am not constipated, nor have diarrhea, etc. Normal stools. No nausea or stomach aches.

I am curious why this works.

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