Pregnant & Stroke Risk Due to Migraine with Aura

I am 30 years old and have suffered with migraines since I was at the start of secondary school. They have gradually got worse as I have got older and seem to be triggered by a combination on hormones + caffeine, stress or fatigue.

My symptoms are partial loss of sight and confusion, unable to make sense of the simplest thing and not able to talk. This is then followed shortly after by paralysis down one side or painful pins and needles down my arm and hand. The aura can last up to a whole day and then gradually my sight and understanding returns and I have the immensely painful headache which lasts for around 3-4 days. I am also still a bit confused for a few days after the attack.

My main story is the gradual increase in symptom strength and wonder if anyone else has experienced this? Does this mean that the next one or not long from now they're going to turn into a stroke?

My neurologist has put me on Topiramate (after trying wafers, beta blockers, the lot!) which is fantastic and I can't fault it. I have not had a migraine since being on it and can be on it for life. However to confuse matters I am pregnant and, due to my worst migraine ever at 5 weeks post partum with my 1st child I am at high risk for stroke. This is all I have been told; the doctor doesn't want me to breastfeed as he wants me to start back on the Topiramate immediately after having the baby.

How debilitating is this condition?!

I also want to push for an epilepsy style card that people with aura can carry so that they can show it in the case of having an attack out and about. This may sound dramatic but if I have an attack even with friends sometimes they just keep asking what the hell i am talking about or why my I'm getting upset. I have made myself a little card that I keep in my purse to show people if I get an attack, but I'm not sure how seriously people would take it with it not being issued by a medical authority.

I would really appreciate any thoughts on my situation or comments.


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