Quality of Life Improved

My story is more about my daughter than myself. My 15-year-old daughter has had migraines (familial hemiplegic specifically) for more than half her life with little if any relief. We have tried countless medicines, acupuncture, physical therapy, hospital stays with PICC lines, and IV meds, food diaries, allergy shots, you name it. She had a blood patch a year ago as she was leaking CSF from a softball injury which stopped the pressure headaches but the migraines continued. My daughter was sleeping 18-20 hours a day, missing school, and missing out on life. A few months ago we learned about the Reed Procedure in Dallas and decided to try it. Risky? Maybe. Drastic? Sure. End of our ropes? Definitely. We were approved and are happy to report a huge improvement in pain management and quality of life for her and for us. Not watching my daughter suffer with no hope is amazing. Maybe a glimmer of hope for someone else.

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